PWA Slough

Services with Heart, Making a Difference


Charitable Initiatives

Over the years, PWA has raised funds not for many projects such as feeding elderly people and arranging food during Covid are few of our success stories.​

NADRA Services

At PWA we have a fully functional NADRA Setup, where you can access any standard NADRA Service, whether it’s a new NICOP or renewal of an existing ID.

Advice & Support

We do offer help, guidance & support on broad range of matters whether it’s to do with local councils, government bodies or some financial institutions.

Cultural Events

We have successfully held many cultural events over the years such as Pakistan Day Celebrations, Eid Milan Party, Meena Bazaar, Pothwari Poetry Events etc.

PHC Services

In order to facilitate our community and to save their time, at Pakistan welfare authority we are offering thorough help & support on PHC matters,

Food Distribution

At PWA our Coronavirus Response Team has taken the initiative and kickstarted a relief food distribution campaign with the help & support of our generous donors.

Community Initiatives

At PWA we have successfully initiated many community initiatives whether its raising awareness on any local or global issue or helping any particular section.

Legal Advice

If you have a situation, we are unsure of your legal rights or your legal standing, feel free to contact us and our team of legal experts will be happy to advice you.